Room on the Broom

Yesterday we hooked with our new our new Literacy topic ‘Room on the Broom’. We listened to the story and then stopped where the dragon appears, we acted out the beginning together and then came up with possible endings before reading the end to find out what actually happened in the story.


We can fix it!

We were given mixed up sentences and were asked to put the words back in the correct order to make a sentence that made sense.

We were great at identifying the first word by finding the capital letter and then we remembered that we needed a full stop or question mark at the end.


Chlore very kindly brought in her snake’s skin that had shed a few weeks ago. We all loved feeling it yesterday and thinking of adjectives to describe how it felt.

Thank you for sharing this with your friends Chloe 🙂

Allerton was visited by some dinosaurs last week!! The dinosaurs had been very naughty and had left Year 1 their poo! Year 1 had to be detectives to find out whether the samples were from a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. We were able to solve this by looking with magnifying glasses to see what the poo contained, one lot contained bones, another lot contained plants and vegetables and the last sample contained both bones and plants!!


Tropical World Trip

Last Friday Year 1 had a super trip to Tropical World and Roundhay park, we learnt about animals from around the world, their habitats, diet and appearance. We also had fun learning a poem with actions and performing it on an outdoor stage, we then had time to let off some steam at the play park. Thank you to all the parent helpers that came along.


Snow day challenges!

On my previous email I mentioned a few ideas of things you could do today to keep you occupied. Here are a few more ideas to keep you occupied:-

– Cut out and make a snowflake

2- Pretend you are stuck in a snow globe and write about your adventures

3- Make some winter biscuits or cakes with ingredients you have in the house (I do not expect anyone to leave the house today to do this challenge)

4 – Make a winter collage picture

PLEASE bring in any work you do today tomororw and we will make a Winter Display in the classroom.

I hope you all have a lovely day sharing family times together.


Miss Chamberlain 😊