Snow day challenges!

On my previous email I mentioned a few ideas of things you could do today to keep you occupied. Here are a few more ideas to keep you occupied:-

– Cut out and make a snowflake

2- Pretend you are stuck in a snow globe and write about your adventures

3- Make some winter biscuits or cakes with ingredients you have in the house (I do not expect anyone to leave the house today to do this challenge)

4 – Make a winter collage picture

PLEASE bring in any work you do today tomororw and we will make a Winter Display in the classroom.

I hope you all have a lovely day sharing family times together.


Miss Chamberlain 😊

2 thoughts on “Snow day challenges!

  1. Oh I’ve only just seen this! I’m afraid you would make a far better mummy then me. We have nothing to show for our snow day. We played with play doh and had pretend ballet and gym classes at home. The heating was broken until lunch time too so I’m just pleased to have made it to the end. I love the snow globe idea. That’s a keeper.

    • Im glad you have had a lovely day enjoying family time together, it is so important when we are all so busy.
      These were not compulsory but were just a suggestion of ideas 🙂
      Hopefully see you tomorrow
      Miss Chamberlain

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